Pandora RC Rear wing spoiler ver.1 180sx

Pandora RC Rear wing spoiler ver.1 180sx

Artikel-Nr.: PAC-903

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Product Name : Rear wing spoiler ver.1 (180sx)
No : PAC-903
Material : ABS resin

  • 1/10 This is a general purpose optional part for RC body.
  • It is ABS resin product Characteristic, slight quality difference may occur.
  • Fitting work such as machining of mounting surface may be necessary.
  • Depending on manufacturing conditions, there are small scratches,bubbles etc. in the product.
  • Cleaning before painting · Please perform surface treatment such as surfacer.
  • For fixing, please use screws, double-sided tape, glue etc.

  • * When installing with screw fixing, please apply pilot hole processing to prevent cracking and deformation of the product.
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